Vehicles are no longer what it used to be. Now, we have a family car, the sports car, and then the luxury RV on wheels. If you are that person who enjoys the finest of things in every point of life, why should traveling be left to tiny vehicles? With price tags that could put a house in an exclusive neighborhood to shame, the luxury RV is the epitome of what luxury and sophistication look on wheels.

With new amenities popping up in the market every season, here is our list of top 10 comforts that level up your luxury RV experience.

Rear-View Cameras

As you might have already known, luxury RVs are massive. The rear-view and side-view mirrors prove to be useless when you are trying to park your motorcoach, or aiming for complete visibility. Rear-view cameras address this issue as they provide complete visibility on what’s happening around your motorcoach, right in your driver’s console.

High-Tech Entertainment System

If there is one thing that you shouldn’t miss when it comes to a luxury RV, it’s the indoor and outdoor entertainment system. And, by an entertainment system, we mean everything from LCD TVs to satellite radio, and superior speaker systems. Majority of the luxury RVs come with outdoor hook-ups for your electronics as well. So make sure you get them installed.

Luxury Mattress

When camping out, why should you invest in a tent when you can get hold of an adjustable mattress? A good night’s sleep is crucial when camping outdoors, and a pillow-top and adjustable mattress can make it better. In fact, luxury mattresses are what make your luxury RV a home away from home.

Residential Refrigerator

Stop paying multiple visits to the local grocery stores when you should actually be chilling out. Forget the mini fridge and tap into residential refrigerators that luxury RVs offer. Keep on enjoying your vacation without having to live off the land.

LED Lighting

LED lighting sure has a bright future in the RV industry. They use around 90% less energy than incandescent and halogen bulbs and lasts longer alongside being resistant to vibrations. Additionally, as they produce little heat, it won’t make your RV feel like a hot oven.

PointPower Levelling System

Having to deal with the leveling system after a long drive is such a tedious task. Install the PointPower leveling system to instantly level your RV with the touch of a few buttons. It’s indeed an unbelievable luxury, and once you adjust, it’s too hard to let go.

Electric Awning

With everything being turned into its automatic versions, why should your luxury RV’s awning manually open, close, and adjust? Push a single button to cast some shade over your head, and retract it anytime you want. Chill under the beaming sun with the awning to your protection, and sip from a lovely glass of cocktail.

Washer & Dryer

When on a vacation, getting your laundry done using a public machine can prove to be tiresome. The washer and dryer facilities that come with luxury RVs are just the cure to getting the torturous chore done.

Sleeper Sofas

Relaxation and more relaxation, that’s what vacations, are for. Level up the comfort that you are seeking with the sleeper sofas and high-end recliners. Folding chairs, upholstered benches, and cots are just so yesteryear and residential reclining furniture are the new things.

Heated Holding Tanks

If you haven’t really experienced thawing contents out of the holding tank, you might not understand the importance of a heated holding tank. Heated holding tanks keep the fluids at a temperature that help them remain in the liquid state so that you can use or drain them anytime.

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