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Some of the best business ideas are born of necessity. Goss Motorcoach Sales,  a luxury RV motorcoach dealership based in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of those companies. Back in the 1990s, Ken Goss owned a luxury RV that he used for business travel as well as for family holidays. As the kids grew up and started moving away to college, Ken decided to sell his motorcoach — but no one was buying. As a business owner always looking to for new ways to help customers, Ken decided to find a new way to sell and support his love of the luxury motorcoach business.

Ken and his family had been operating Goss RV, which rents privately owned luxury motorcoaches throughout North America. Goss Motorcoach Sales was a natural extension of this business. Today, motorcoach owners can offset the cost of their coaches by renting them through Goss RV. And renters who find that they enjoy the luxury motorcoach lifestyle and decide to buy their own are already connected to a company that can connect them with the perfect Class A conversion motorhome for their needs and price range.

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