5 Motorcoach Resorts That Will Make Memorable Trips

5 Motorcoach Resorts That Will Make Memorable Trips

Traveling in an RV has become an increasingly popular way to tour the country. The trend has inspired new RV designs. Top of the range interiors as well an increase in the number of RV parks and resorts. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find an overwhelming range of luxury RV resorts that you’ll be spoilt for choice. But have no fear, we’ve rounded up 5 of the fanciest RV destinations where you can enjoy an exquisite stay around the country.


Why It’s Great to Tailgate in a Luxury RV

Why It’s Great to Tailgate in a Luxury RV

Few things compare to tailgating in a luxury RV. Whether it’s a concert, football game or a motor racing event, a luxury motorhome gets you closer to the action with all the amenities of a home. With so many sporting events and festivals lined up every year, there’s no excuse not to tailgate in a luxury motorcoach every time. Unfortunately, getting a top of the line motorhome for your future event (s) and camping is no mean feat. But have no fear, Goss Motorhome Sales is committed to helping you find the perfect vehicle to tailgate on a budget.


5 Things You Want to Look For When Searching for a Luxury RV for Sale

5 Things You Want to Look For When Searching for a Luxury RV for Sale

If you are looking for a different way for your family to spend your next summer vacation, why not consider buying a luxury RV for sale? Taking to the open road and discovering new and adventurous paths is a fun way for families to reconnect with one another. Instead of visiting a busy amusement park or popular tourist spot with hundreds of other people surrounding you, your family can enjoy peace and contentment while viewing all the wonders of nature on a great family road trip.


Asheville, North Carolina

Nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, lies a special gem of art, culture, and southern hospitality: Asheville. Rated time and again as one of America’s best small cities, it is one of those places you simply have to see for yourself.

Asheville Combines Southern Charm with Art

When you think of the South, you might envision lazy days spent sipping tea, rocking gently in a chair on a wide, white veranda. If this is the experience you seek, you can find it amongst the quaint bed and breakfast’s sprinkled throughout the Asheville region, but the area is so much more than that. Infused with an electric energy, Asheville is undoubtedly in the South, but it has the independent and artsy feeling of an urban center you’d expect to find elsewhere in America.

Downtown is a central point of interest in Asheville. The dining options are endless, whether you’re looking for southern-inspired cuisine, the ultimate in Carolina BBQ, or a trendy ethnic eatery. There are dozens of locally-owned restaurants that will leave you more than satisfied. Asheville also has an incredible amount of craft breweries, many right downtown, where you can taste beer to delight the taste buds. In between sampling the flavors of the region, stop in to the many art galleries, museums, craft shops, and more throughout downtown.

Things to do in Asheville

A visit is incomplete without a stop at the resplendent Biltmore Estate. The largest private home in the United States, the Vanderbilt-owned mansion will have you dreaming of eras gone by.

But perhaps more than anything else, Asheville is known as a mountain retreat. It boasts a prime location just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of America’s iconic drives that winds through the mountains and offers incredible views from North Carolina to Virginia. Particularly spectacular in the autumn, the Blue Ridge Parkway is THE destination for hiking, exploring waterfalls, spotting wildlife, and grabbing spectacular photographs.

Ready to plan your visit to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina? An idyllic RV park just 10 minutes north of Asheville, Campfire Lodgings is a great option, and with a nature-oriented area like this one, there are plenty of excellent spots to park, camp, and enjoy the world around you.

3 Steps to Planning the Perfect Fall Road Trip

Fall is a beautifully unique time to take a road trip. There is a refreshing crispness in the air, the trees are ablaze with color, and the temperature has descended just in time for hot cider and bonfires. If you’re a RVer, we know you have an incurable wanderlust and that this fall weather has you itching to take a road trip. Fall vacation planning has never been easier, so we have provided a three step guide to planning the perfect fall road trip. Take our family road trip ideas to heart!

Time Your Road Trip to See the Most Vibrant Colors

Modern technology is a beautiful thing, and it allows us to track when and where the autumn leaves will be their brightest. This fall foliage map provides all the information you need to decide when and where to take your fall vacation.

Find Your RV Resort 

Once you find out when and where you’ll see the most vibrant fall colors, the next step is to nail down exactly where you’re going to take your road trip. We highly recommend traveling to state parks because they accommodate RV campers and allow you to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the comfort of RVing. Simply find a state park in the region of your choosing using the state park directory and book your trip!

Get Your RV Ready  

Once you have your time and location set, the last step is to make sure you’re ready for your road trip. If you’re a RV owner, you’re probably a pro at this already. Don’t forget check your tires and batteries! If you don’t own a RV, there are plenty of opportunities to rent. If you want a luxury experience in a Class A motorhome, we at Goss RV are here to provide a stellar experience. If you want to explore smaller RV models, Private Motorhome Rental has hundreds of options from which to choose.

Congratulations, you’re ready to take your fall road trip! What destination(s) do you plan to visit? Share your fall road trip adventures with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. For more great ideas, check out our blog

The Top 5 College Football Tailgate Destinations

Fall is here, and if you’re a college football fan, you probably have one thing on your mind: Kickoff. College football is more than a beloved pastime, it’s a lifestyle. But when it comes down to it, the party doesn’t start when the team walks out, it starts at the tailgate. So, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 college football tailgates, all of which warrant a fall road trip. And hey, you may be having a victory tailgate or two!

Top 5 College Football Tailgates

1. Ole Miss 

A tailgate at the Grove is a remarkable experience of gourmet food, spirited students, and raving fans. The Grove provides a tailgating atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the country.

2. LSU

In Louisiana, good food and family are synonymous, and nowhere does this ring true more than a tailgate. The bigger the tailgate, the bigger the party, so we like to go big with luxury accommodations. A tailgate with a Prevost Marathon provides the perfect setting to try incredible Cajun dishes and experience the joy that only college football provides.

3. Wisconsin

Camp Randall Stadium tailgates are downright decadent. With never ending supplies of beer, brats, and badgers fans, it’s hard not to have a good time. With a RV park dedicated to tailgates and an incredible college town a mile from the stadium, it’s easily one of the best tailgate destinations.

4. Washington University

At the University of Washington, tailgates are a weekend-long event. Get there Friday morning for a great spot and discover the incredible seafood the city has to offer. Saturday, rise early and get the party started with a luxury motorhome tailgate! Just a half mile from the ocean, you can also check out boating tailgates, or “sailgates.” Yes, they’re as awesome as they sound.

5. Texas A&M

Known for its laid-back atmosphere and family friendly events, this is the perfect weekend getaway for your family. The party starts on Friday with yell practice for the kids. Attend the Midnight yell and then become a part of the 12th man during the contest. A tailgate in College Station is a tailgate you’ll never forget.

Whether or not these top 5 include your favorite team, you’ll definitely have a great time. Fall is the best time of year because college football is back! You don’t want to miss it.

Get to all of your favorite games in a Goss luxury RV.