Why It’s Great to Tailgate in a Luxury RV

Why It’s Great to Tailgate in a Luxury RV

Few things compare to tailgating in a luxury RV. Whether it’s a concert, football game or a motor racing event, a luxury motorhome gets you closer to the action with all the amenities of a home. With so many sporting events and festivals lined up every year, there’s no excuse not to tailgate in a luxury motorcoach every time. Unfortunately, getting a top of the line motorhome for your future event (s) and camping is no mean feat. But have no fear, Goss Motorhome Sales is committed to helping you find the perfect vehicle to tailgate on a budget.


Luxury Tailgate Experience Declared Huge Win

Luxury Tailgate Experience Declared Huge Win

October means football-mania in Michigan and across the USA. Last weekend a luxury coach rental client hosted an ultimate tailgate for their friends at Michigan Stadium and we have a few pictures from the big event.
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It was a fantastic football tailgate at Michigan Stadium. There is nothing better than making memories with friends and family. Oh, and as an bonus, their team won! Imagine cheering on your favorite football teams from the sidelines and in front of your Prevost rental’s outdoor entertainment screens. Perfect way to weather proof your tailgate. There are three levels of a tailgate (1)“Level one is auto tailgating. (2)Level two is the tent tailgate. (3) Level three, the ultimate tailgate, is in a spacious, luxury motor home. We specialize in Level Three Tailgates and that is what you see in the pictures below. As you plan your own Ultimate Tailgates keep these success tips in mind.

Ultimate Football Tailgate Tips

1. Plan It. Do a little planning upfront to ensure event success. Anyone planning a tailgate party should contact the stadium to see if they need to reserve a specific space. Review the venue’s rules and requirements.

2. Think food first While some people choose a catered tailgate paired with complete coach set up and delivery services, others prefer to take advantage of the fact that they’ve brought an entire kitchen with them, and plan their party menu accordingly.

3. Set the time and send invitations. Set up should be completed about three hours prior to game time with the meal over and packed up by about 45 minutes before game time. This will allow enough time to walk to the stadium entrance, clear security and get to your seats.

4. Be findable. Leverage technologies (GPS, TXT, Social Media) to help friends quickly locate your tailgate party in an ocean of celebrations.

Details and Travel Support for Luxury Travel

Goss RV team can provide complete up service at your destination whether it is a an athletic event, vacation or business event. Private Driver Service Many clients are adding on our Luxury RV Private Driver Service. It is unique in the industry. A professional driver can pick you up at your door, set up your coach at your destination and then quietly disappear to a hotel until you need him to head out for your next destination. Plus, when you want to drive, he’ll be your professional driving coach and co-pilot. It’s ideal for new locations. The only issue you’ll have is that your kids will want to take him home. If you’d like to know more about renting a Luxury RV for your sporting event and about our Private Driver Service…

The Top 5 College Football Tailgate Destinations

Fall is here, and if you’re a college football fan, you probably have one thing on your mind: Kickoff. College football is more than a beloved pastime, it’s a lifestyle. But when it comes down to it, the party doesn’t start when the team walks out, it starts at the tailgate. So, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 college football tailgates, all of which warrant a fall road trip. And hey, you may be having a victory tailgate or two!

Top 5 College Football Tailgates

1. Ole Miss 

A tailgate at the Grove is a remarkable experience of gourmet food, spirited students, and raving fans. The Grove provides a tailgating atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the country.

2. LSU

In Louisiana, good food and family are synonymous, and nowhere does this ring true more than a tailgate. The bigger the tailgate, the bigger the party, so we like to go big with luxury accommodations. A tailgate with a Prevost Marathon provides the perfect setting to try incredible Cajun dishes and experience the joy that only college football provides.

3. Wisconsin

Camp Randall Stadium tailgates are downright decadent. With never ending supplies of beer, brats, and badgers fans, it’s hard not to have a good time. With a RV park dedicated to tailgates and an incredible college town a mile from the stadium, it’s easily one of the best tailgate destinations.

4. Washington University

At the University of Washington, tailgates are a weekend-long event. Get there Friday morning for a great spot and discover the incredible seafood the city has to offer. Saturday, rise early and get the party started with a luxury motorhome tailgate! Just a half mile from the ocean, you can also check out boating tailgates, or “sailgates.” Yes, they’re as awesome as they sound.

5. Texas A&M

Known for its laid-back atmosphere and family friendly events, this is the perfect weekend getaway for your family. The party starts on Friday with yell practice for the kids. Attend the Midnight yell and then become a part of the 12th man during the contest. A tailgate in College Station is a tailgate you’ll never forget.

Whether or not these top 5 include your favorite team, you’ll definitely have a great time. Fall is the best time of year because college football is back! You don’t want to miss it.

Get to all of your favorite games in a Goss luxury RV.