Selling Your Motorcoach

We connect you with qualified buyers to ensure you sell at the best price. Cash and consignment options are available.

Why Sell Your Luxury Class A Motorcoach with Us?

Connecting Buyers with Sellers Nationwide

At Goss Motorcoach Sales, we have been 100% focused on Class A motor coaches since 2003. As an established resource for both sellers and buyers, we maintain an accurate pulse on the market. 

We Make It Easy For You

List your luxury motorcoach with us at no cost. Our white-glove seller services simplifies the process to save you time and money. We:

  • Assess the make, model, age, condition, and special features of your vehicle
  • Counsel you on appropriate pricing
  • Include your vehicle in our online inventory
  • Recommend your vehicle to buyers whose needs and price range are a good fit
  • Come to you only with serious offers
  • Manage all negotiations on your behalf
  • Provide financing options for the buyer
  • Deliver the vehicle to the buyer
  • Deliver a check to you once the sale is complete
Turnkey Services and Financing for Luxury Motorhome Buyers

Goss Motorcoach Sales makes it easy for buyers with any level of experience to acquire and enjoy owning a Class A motor coach. Creative financing, maintenance and repair services, and rental income to offset payments are just part of the services we offer to motorhome buyers. Learn why we’re the best choice for buyers and more about our buyer and owner services.

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