Few things compare to tailgating in a luxury RV. Whether it’s a concert, football game or a motor racing event, a luxury motorhome gets you closer to the action with all the amenities of a home. With so many sporting events and festivals lined up every year, there’s no excuse not to tailgate in a luxury motorcoach every time. Unfortunately, getting a top of the line motorhome for your future event (s) and camping is no mean feat. But have no fear, Goss Motorhome Sales is committed to helping you find the perfect vehicle to tailgate on a budget.

Here are reasons why you should consider owning a Luxury RV before your next big event.

Get Protection From the Elements

The #1 benefit of tailgating in a class A RV is the shelter. When you want to take a break from buying those expensive stadium tickets, for instance, the RV offers just what you need to follow the action without paying a dime. And when inclement weather puts a damper on the outdoor party, you don’t have to hide in a car or under a canopy. With a screen way larger than your smartphone and a home theatre system, you can simply bring the party inside.

Eat and Drink What You Want, and How You Want It

Want to have your 122-layer bean dip warm? The RV kitchen has a microwave for that. Need to keep your beer cold? There’s a fridge to chill your beverages. With a ready-to-use kitchen, you’ll never have to worry about coolers, forgetting condiments or utensils, or even being limited on what you can cook. Eating and drinking what you want – grilling food and grabbing a cold beer when you need one – is what makes a great tailgating party.

Enjoy The Luxury of Your Private Bathroom

We all love a good tailgate party, but the idea of porta-potties is not that fascinating. Even worse, waiting in the seemingly never-ending lines come halftime or after the game is not something you really want to do. With a class A RV, however, that becomes least of your worries. You’ll enjoy the luxury of having a bathroom to yourself. If you intend to allow others to use it too, be sure to provide a hand sanitizer and protect flooring from those tracking in mud.

Power up When You Need it

Want to become everyone’s best friend at the campground? Own a luxury motorhome. With unlimited access to a generator, you’ll always have a spot to charge your cell phone and keep the game the on the TV, even when the power hookup is not working. Tailgaters will keep coming to your motorcoach with power-related needs.

The Party Doesn’t Stop

The best bit about tailgating in a luxury RV is that the party doesn’t have to end once the action in the stadium ceases. The thrill can go on when you pull into the parking lot or campground. Instead of booking rooms at exorbitant rates or even struggling to get one, you can fire up the grill, pop open the cooler and talk real sports stuff with other tailgaters or hardcore football fans. That’s actually half the fun!

Goss Motorcoach Sales

Want to take your tailgating experience to a level next to none? Let Goss Motorcoach Sales help you find the perfect class A RV to match your needs and desires. From the first time you give us a call, we embark on a journey with you. We do not only ensure that you get a Class A motorcoach at the lowest price but help you earn potential leasing revenue while you own it. Call our customer representatives today to learn more about our services before, during and after purchase.